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10 Ways You Can Save Our Oceans – Aloha!

1.  Pick up garbage, litter and plastic near beaches – Much of the plastic found in our oceans began on the beaches. Pick up litter when you see it and make sure you properly dispose of your garbage after a day at the beach!



2.  Buy ocean-friendly products – Avoid products produced through unsustainable or environmentally harmful methods. For example — cosmetics containing shark squalene and jewelry made of coral or sea turtle shell. These products are directly linked to unsustainable fishing methods and the destruction of entire ecosystems.


3.  Eat sustainable seafood – People love sushi but let’s love our oceans more! When purchasing seafood Look for special terms like “line caught”, “diver caught”, “sustainably caught” or “sustainably harvested.


4.  Reduce energy use – Carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is making our oceans more acidic. One consequence could be the loss of corals on a global scale, as their calcium skeletons are weakened by the increasing acidity of the water. Losing coral is dangerous for the entire ocean ecosystem. Us There are many simple ways you can reduce your energy use. Ride a bike, walk or use public transportation. Use high efficiency appliances in your home. Turn off appliances when they aren’t in use. Turn up your thermostat a few degrees in the summer and down a few degrees in the winter. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs in your house.


5.  Use reusable plastics – Plastic debris in the ocean degrades marine habitats and contributes to the deaths of many marine animals. Because floating plastic often resembles food to many marine birds, sea turtles and marine mammals, they can choke or starve because their digestive systems get blocked when they eat it. Help prevent these unnecessary deaths—use cloth grocery bags and reusable water bottles.


6.  Use less fertilizer – A pretty garden is nice, but healthy oceans are nicer. Fertilizers we use can end up in the ocean and create dead zones. These low oxygen areas of ocean are impossible for marine animals to flourish in.


7.  Vote responsibly – Make sure you do your research on candidates who have good environmental policies. Vote during elections and then stay active after! Ask your candidate questions and make sure they stay accountable in their support of their environment.


8.  Look out for “Microbeads” – These tiny spherical plastics are found everywhere nowadays. You might see them in beauty products, toothpaste or even shampoo. Do not purchase these products. These beads end up in the ocean and can be harmful to animals that eat them.


9.  Support organizations working to protect the ocean – Donate time or money to groups that are helping to clean up our beaches, educate communities or researching ways to clean our oceans.


10.  Share this article with a friend! – You can be an influencer in your community and family. The best way to save our oceans is through education and spreading awareness.




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