The shark is nature’s most perfect predator (excluding man). Sharks have existed for over 350 million years, even before the time of the dinosaurs. The sharks featured on this boat tour include the Gray reef, Galapagos, Sandbar and Hammerhead. In Hawaiian legend, each island has its own shark god. The king shark god of Oahu is Kamohoali’i. His lair is an underwater cave off of Pearl Harbor. (We will not be visiting Kamohoali’i). He is the top shark god and elder brother of the fire goddess Pele. Kamohoali’i is also known as Moho, the provider of the canoe which brought Pele to Hawai’i from Tahiti. The ancient Hawaiians hunted sharks for their meat, teeth and skin. Heiaus or temples were built in honor of the shark gods. Just as each island has its own shark god, many Hawaiian families had personal shark aumakuas, or guardian spirits. Watching a shark rise from the depths is an unforgettable experience, a primal adventure.

Galapagos Sharks

galapagos shark
Sandbar Sharks
sandbar shark
Hammerhead Sharks
hammerhead shark
Grey Reef Sharks
grey reef shark