Oahu Shark Cage Diving Tour

Oahu Shark Cage Diving Tour

100% guaranteed shark sightings!

Go Shark Cage Diving in Oahu!

Have you always wanted to swim with sharks in Oahu? This experience is for you!

Each tour leaves Haleiwa Harbor and lasts approximately two hours. Our fleet includes custom made aluminum boats, the 36-foot KAIOU, and the 42-foot ABUNAI, which include a canopy for shade and cushioned seating for comfort.

With your safety in mind, we hold an informative safety briefing at the beginning of each Oahu shark tour, followed by a brief history of the experience. Masks and snorkels are provided, however, you are free to bring your own (fins are not necessary).

The sharks we see range in size from five to fifteen feet, and are often just inches away from the cage and the spectators inside!

We travel offshore three to four miles to our cage moored in the beautiful cobalt blue water. The visibility is so good (often 150 feet or more) that you can actually see the sharks come up from the deep.

Our cage can hold up to eight people comfortably which allows small families to experience their shark dive together. No chumming is necessary as the sharks are attracted to the sound of our motors which they interpret as a crabbing vessel and a potential food source.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own underwater cameras for the opportunity to capture the best footage of Hawaiian sharks anywhere. Disposable cameras and a video option are also available for purchase.

The first tour starts at 7 a.m. with the exception of June through August when the first tour departs at 6 a.m. Additional tours occur up to 11 a.m. and, depending on availability, later tours are available.

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