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About Us


Shark or “Mano” in Hawaiian, is still central to the culture of the native Hawaiians and is featured in many legends. Hawaiians today still revere the shark and honor them as ancestral familial Gods of long ago. They are one of many central figures in Hawaiian mythology and are featured in countless legends throughout the Pacific. The shark God Kamohoali`i guided his sister Fire Goddess Pele on her journey as she escaped a feud with her sister which resulted in the creation of the Hawaiian Islands. We will take you on a journey to see one of the many forms of sharks, the descendants of Hawaiian folklore, and witness their agility and gracefulness as they glide by just inches away from you. All this and a breathtaking view of Oahu’s North Shore are part of the Hawaii shark tour.

Who We Are

Joe Pavsek has a lifelong attachment to the sea. He has surfed and dove in the Haleiwa area for over 30 years. He’s had a diving boat in Haleiwa Harbor since 1975. He has worked on aircraft salvage recovery in Hawaiian waters. He was featured on television’s “Let’s Go Fishing” numerous times. He has also appeared on Japanese television. North Shore Shark Adventures was developed by Joe at the suggestion of his friends. In his other life, Joe is a private investigator and artist. His works are on display at galleries in Honolulu and Tahoe.