War on sharks: Chinese demand for fins driving rogue fishing fleets to plunder ocean’s top predator

Despite the capture of a Chinese freighter off the Galapagos islands last year, its hold packed tight with 150 tonnes of dead sharks, the Pacific Ocean off Central America remains a blood-soaked environmental crime scene   It was billed as the biggest poaching bust in history, a huge win for conservationists. An Ecuadorean navy patrol…

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Couple Discovers Megalodon Shark

A vacationing couple in North Myrtle Beach discovered a rare find after Hurricane Matthew unearthed a prehistoric shark tooth along the ocean shore.   Nat Campbell and his wife had only been at the beach about 15 minutes when Nat looked down and noticed a large tooth a few feet away.  “My wife though it…

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10 Ways You Can Save Our Oceans – Aloha!

1.  Pick up garbage, litter and plastic near beaches – Much of the plastic found in our oceans began on the beaches. Pick up litter when you see it and make sure you properly dispose of your garbage after a day at the beach!     2.  Buy ocean-friendly products – Avoid products produced through…

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Veggie Sharks

Sharks are assumed to be carnivores, eating a high-protein diet of mammals, fish and other marine animals.  Most of the food animals eat is broken down by enzymes in their guts, often with the assistance of helpful bacteria.  Digestive enzymes are optimized for a certain type of diet, so the gut of a meat-eater may…

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Another Reason Not to Eat Shark (Meat)

Shark meat consumption is bad for sharks of course, millions of sharks are killed each year for the shark meat and fin trade, but it’s also bad for people.  I’ve written before about the way heavy metals and organic pollutants like PCBs concentrate in animals high up on the food chain.  Shark meat has been…

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First-Known Omnivore Sharks Eat Seagrass

Sharks are infamous meat-eaters. The ocean’s buffet of fish, crabs, mussels, shrimp and krill fill the legendary predators’ stomachs and give them sustenance. Now researchers have discovered that one particular species, bonnethead sharks, also dine on seagrass to meet their nutritional needs. The discovery means bonnethead sharks are not carnivores but omnivores — a distinction…

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Bronze whaler sharks

What has been fascinating is the fact that other species of sharks have almost immediately filled the gap that the great white sharks left behind. In Gansbaai good numbers of bronze whaler sharks (Copper sharks) began visiting the shark cage diving boats and this still allowed for a good shark cage diving experience. There have however sadly…

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Are There Sharks in the Arctic?

The answer is yes. And they are awesome. This year, we want to simmer down that summer heat by introducing you to some of the coolest sharks around during #ArcticAugust. These are all sharks that live in the Arctic, as defined in U.S. law, which includes the Bering Sea.   Spiny Dogfish Shark Read More »

World’s 10 Most Endangered Sharks

BY LISA FELDKAMP   “Sharks, not mankind, are the species in danger, the animals now being driven rapidly towards extinction.” – Sharks of The World (Compagno 2005) There are more than 500 known species of sharks the world — most of them you’ve probably never heard of. In fact, almost 16 percent of all sharks are threatened with extinction (ranked…

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Failed attempt to save stranded salmon shark

Rescuers make failed attempt to save stranded salmon shark on Oregon beach A live juvenile salmon shark became stranded on a northern Oregon beach Saturday and, despite the efforts of would-be rescuers from the nearby Seaside Aquarium, the animal died several hours later. On Saturday morning, Mike Patterson, of Astoria, was walking on Sunset Beach…

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