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10 Weirdest Species of Sharks!

  1. Megamouth Shark – The Megamouth shark is a filter feeding shark and its name is accurate. This shark has an extra large mouth with rubbery lips that give it a unique appearance from other sharks in the ocean! They were only discovered around 40 years ago and there have been only 60 documented in the wild.
  2. Hammerhead Shark – The Hammerhead shark actually has 11 distinct species. Scientists believe the Hammerhead shark’s head evolved into its unique shape to improve the animal’s vision. Hammerhead sharks can see what is happening above and below them, giving them 360-degree vision!
  3. Greenland Shark – The Greenland Shark only swims at 1 mph and is found in the deep cold waters surrounding Canada, Iceland, and Greenland.
  4. Sawshark – This shark has an elongated snout with teeth on the sides they use like a blade.
  5. Cookiecutter Shark – This silly named shark is only 20 inches long! They may be small but they are also vicious! They prey on any fish they can attach their mouth to and gouge out chunks of flesh – hence their name cookiecutter.
  6. Thresher Shark – The Thresher shark has a tail that can grow to up to half it’s total length! They primarily use their tails for catching prey.
  7. Frilled Shark – This is one bizarre looking shark! With its prehistoric look and frilly gill slits this particular shark looks like it belongs in a horror movie.
  8. Wobbegong Shark – This shark catches its prey by laying on the bottom of the ocean. They snatch up any prey that dares swim too close! They colorful ornate patterns on their backs that allow them to easily blend in to the ocean floor.
  9. Zebra Shark – The zebra shark has small dark spots on its pale skin. The pattern more closely resembles a leopard and in some parts of the world that is what they are known as!
  10. Goblin Shark – The goblin shark is definitely not a looker. Luckily for it, the goblin shark doesn’t need to look pretty since it’s a bottom-dweller found in the ocean depths. From the beginning, the most distinctive feature is its long protruding blade-like snout. The size of the snout will actually get smaller as the shark ages. It also has a pink body which is pretty unusual but, by far, the most bizarre aspect of this shark is its jaw – it has a jutting jaw with sharp teeth which can be extended outwards in order to catch prey.