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10 Crazy Shark Facts


Here are 10 crazy shark facts you can chomp on!
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1. An average shark has 40-45 teeth and up to 7 rows of replacement teeth. Sharks are constantly losing and regrowing teeth. A shark might go through more than 30,000 teeth in one lifetime!


2. Shark’s do not have a single solitary bone in their entire bodies! Instead their skeletons are made entirely of cartilage.


3. Sharks were here long before the dinosaurs… 200 million years to be accurate! They aren’t big on evolving either, sharks have changed minimally since they first appeared in the ocean’s waters.


4. Sharks get a bad rap because of movies like JAWS. Statistically though a human has a better chance being killed from a bee sting or being struck by lightning than ever facing a shark attack.


5. Sharks rarely every get sick. Scientists study shark cartilage to research possible cures for cancer because sharks rarely ever develop cancer or other diseases.


6. Most sharks must swim constantly to force water through their mouths and over their gills. This is because they lack the ability to pump water over their gills like the majority of fish.


7. Sharks are often known for their great sense of smell but they are also amazing listeners! A little known fact about sharks is that they have an acute sense of hearing. Some sharks can hear prey from up to 3,000 feet away (Did you know we are able to attract sharks to our dive site without using any chum? Instead we use sound!)


8. Whale sharks lay the largest eggs of any animal on land or in the sea. The largest whale shark egg on record measured 14 inches in diameter.


9. Despite the fact that an almost equal amount of men and women swim in the ocean, men account for nearly 90 percent of shark attack victims.


10. For every human killed by a shark, two million sharks are killed by humans. It is up to mankind to protect these amazing creatures. They were here millions of years before us and shouldn’t face extinction because of our pollution, overfishing, and lack of concern for their environment.








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