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5 Reasons to Protect Sharks


The best part of our day is when we take a tour out and watch them experience the awe of being around sharks. Our hope is being in the water with these amazing creatures will help open everyone’s eyes to the amazingness of these animals. You can help spread the word by sharing these 5 reasons to protect the world’s sharks!


1.  Sharks are being fished faster than they can reproduce! 

Many shark species are being fished to near extinction numbers. Experts believe if the fishing continues many shark populations may never recover. This could have detrimental consequences to the ocean’s ecosystem that relies on sharks for its health and balance


2.  Sharks are worth more alive than dead! 

Tourism created by sharks is great for local economies. A single shark might bring in over $179,000 per year in tourism revenue. This is must more valuable than fishing a shark for a single fin.


3.  Sharks are amazing indicators of the ocean’s health! 

When shark populations decrease naturally it can help alert researchers that a nearby ecosystem is unhealthy.


4.  Sharks inspire smart design! 

Sharks are amazing creatures, their speed and agility in

the ocean is unmatched. Some researchers are studying sharks to help come up with innovative technologies that could even lead to alternative clean energy sources!


5.  Sharks might hold the cure for diseases! 

Sharks don’t get sick. Crazy huh! Their tissue holds antibacterial and anticoagulant properties that keep them healthy. Scientists hope studying sharks might lead to breakthroughs in viral medicine.








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