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About Hawaii

Sun Safety on Oahu

Think you’re immune to the sun? Well, unless you’re from a place near the equator, you’re most likely not. Odds are, the UV Index is higher on Oahu, Hawaii than where you’re from. Be sure to grab that sun block if you’re going to be outdoors all day. Hawaii tends to have sunny weather on the regular. Don’t start your vacation off on the wrong foot by lying in your hotel bed for the first three days. Severe sun burn can lead to blisters, heat stroke, and later on down the line, potential skin cancer. Oahu sun safety tips: 1. Apply sunscreen a half hour beforehand. Don’t wait till you’re already out on the beach. By then, you’re already being exposed to harmful UV rays. Always use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, preferably one that’s…

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December 16, 2015

Surfing Competitions on Oahu’s North Shore

Vans Triple Crown of Surfing October 28th – December 20th The competitions of the Vans Triple Crown: -HIC Pro (Sunset Beach) October 28th – November 10th -Hawaiian Pro (Haleiwa Beach) November 12th – 23rd -Vans World Cup of Surfing (Sunset Beach) November 24th – December 6th -Billabong Pipe Masters (Bonsai Pipeline) December 8th – 20th This is going on NOW on Oahu’s North Shore! These are world renowned events so get there super early to score good parking and a spot to spectate with out obstruction. If you haven’t witnessed the large waves of the North Shore, this is a must. This is the season for some of the biggest waves you’ll ever see at the specific locations for the competitions. Not only are the waves majestic, but the sunsets and beaches are absolutely beautiful. You’ll forget your day-to-day worries…

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November 15, 2015

Solo Vacation to Oahu

Are you the adventurous type taking a trip to Oahu, Hawaii by yourself? Congrats! You get to do what you want, when you want! Obviously it’s fun to share experiences with friend and/or family, but things can get slowed down or you might end up missing something epic because others didn’t want to do it in the first place. Well here are a few fun / adventurous things to do that will definitely take up your vacation time and leave you wanting more! Surf Lessons in Waikiki If you’ve always wanted to learn how to tame the waves, now’s your chance. Waikiki is full of places that would love to teach you. The waves are perfect for beginners and there are lots of people that are learning as well. So you won’t feel stupid when you fall from your board….

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October 15, 2015

12 Tips for Planning your Hawaiian Vacation

Hawaiian Vacations are Affordable Planning your vacation to Hawaii, you probably think you’ll go broke. Things can get quite pricey if you let it get out of control, there are ways to keep your spending low so you don’t go broke. The following tips will help! 1. Bundling goes a long way. Pay in advance by grouping as much as you can. Think about how you bundle your phone/TV/Internet service to save money; you can apply the same basic principle to travel? Book a package deal for all the expensive stuff like airfare, hotel, accommodations and rental car, you can experience money savings by doing them all at once. You can throw in other things too, such as all-inclusive hotels, tours, spa packages, golf packages, and airport and baggage transfers, all so you don’t have to constantly whip out your…

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October 14, 2015

Top 10 Beaches on Oahu

Oahu, the most visited island in Hawaii Tourists flowing in to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial, the famous North Shore Pipeline known as the “Banzai Pipeline”, and the world renown area of Waikiki. Oahu is full of beautiful tourist destinations and extraordinarily magificent beaches. There are nice beaches on the mainland, but there aren’t scenic backdrops like we have here on Oahu. Here is a list of the top ten beaches here on Oahu: 1 – Waikiki Beach Reigning in at number one is Waikiki Beach. Located on the South Shore of Oahu, it isn’t the most scenic on our top ten list, but it is the most popular with tourists. Put on the map in the early 20th century, large resort hotels and shopping centers have been continually building here to cater to tourism. This is the perfect spot…

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September 14, 2015

Kayaking and Diving near Moku Islands

Located on the eastside of Oahu, the Moku Islands are just a short distance off the beaches of Kailua, Hawaii. I have Kayaked to Moku Nui (the northern most island) and have also snorkeled the waters between Lanikai Beach and the islands. Both are SO…MUCH…FUN! Basically you can only go to Moku Nui as it…

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September 9, 2015