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Ecotourism in Hawaii and North Shore Shark Adventures

sharks circling the dive cage

North Shore Shark Adventures is proud to be part of ecotourism in Hawaii. Our shark tour allows you to experience nature and the ocean without disturbing the delicate ecosystem of Hawaii’s waters. Viewing sharks from our cage is often a life-changing experience. We want to bring guests this once in a lifetime opportunity in a way that leaves a minimal footprint and teaches them about the ocean, sharks, turtles, coral, and other surrounding marine life.

Normal tourism is a business of providing services to tourists. However, many tour agencies do not take into consideration the negative impact tourism can have on the environment. Tourism often contributes to pollution, unsustainable construction, or damage to sacred locations. Limiting damage done to the environment is not a priority.


Eco-tourism focuses on allowing guests to experience nature while remaining ecologically conscious. The principles of eco-tourism include:


  1. Minimize physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts.
  2. Build cultural awareness and respect
  3. Teach respect and awareness of the surrounding environment
  4. Provide a positive experience for guests
  5. Educate on conservation
  6. Recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous People in your community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment


At North Shore Shark Adventures we do not chum the water, instead, we allow the sound of our boats to attract sharks. We educate guests on the types of sharks in the water and why they are so important to the ocean ecosystem.  We hope guests leave with a love and respect for Hawaii’s greatest predator– instead of fear.  For those interested in viewing Humpback whales or sea turtles we also have eco-friendly tours available for those.


Our founder – Joe Pavsek has a life-long respect and love of the ocean. He surfed and dove in Haleiwa for over 30 years. His love for the sea and his home is easy to see in the community work he does and the marine education he provides to children. He also participates in shark studies that include tagging and tracking different species. He is a driving force behind NSSA’s determination to be eco-friendly.


During your stay on our islands it is important to respect Hawaii’s natural beauty. When scuba diving do not touch the coral, avoid transporting vegetation, make sure to pick up your litter and do not harm any wildlife or marine life you see. Also, please respect sacred landmarks. Taking these steps ensures that everyone who visits can experience the pristine beauty of Hawaii!


To book your shark tour call 808.228.5900

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