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Hawaii’s Beautiful Birds!

Hawaii is full of beautiful wildlife throughout the islands. Check out this fun list of some of Hawaii’s tropical birds!  


  1. Hawaii Creeper – The Hawaiian Creeper comes from the Big Island. The Hawaiian Creeper’s feathers are olive green and this funny bird has the ability to climb trees! It has a short sharp beak.


  1. ‘I’iwi – This pretty bird is also known as the scarlet honeycreeper. This Hawaiian bird is very famous and is a recognizable symbol of the state.


  1. ‘Akiapola‘au – This is the only bird species in Hawaii that is part of the woodpecker niche. These birds help control the insect population in Hawaii. This bird has a fat body with white bottoms and tail. It also has yellow-colored chest, orange head, black face and beak, and grayish wings.


  1. Nene Goose – Found in habitats like grasslands, scrub-land, and lowlands, the Nene goose is considered to be the state’s bird.


  1. Hawaii ‘amakihi – This tiny bird is one of the most common honey creepers on the islands. It might be tiny but its chirp is loud! Some say it can be heard from miles away!


  1. ‘i‘o – This bird is also known as the Hawaiian Hawk. It is the only species of Hawk on the island. The ‘i‘o is a predatory bird and lives on the Big Island.


  1. Hawaiian Thrush – This robin type bird lives in the rainforests of the Big Island. This species has a grey-brown head, olive-brown upper plumage, and greyish-white body underneath.


  1. ʻŌʻū – The next Hawaiian bird on the list is the ‘o’u, a large forest bird that is 7 inches long. Its diet include a wide range of food as it can feed on insects, fruits, and the buds and flowers of the plant ‘ōhi‘a.


  1. ‘elepaio – The last bird to get a spot on this list is the ‘elepaio Chasiempis, a species of monarch flycatcher. It is known for its song and is the first bird to sing in the morning and last to chirp at night.



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