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An Australian drone hobbyist captured some amazingly rare footage of a False Killer Whale pod chasing down a juvenile shark for food. Right now, you’re probably still trying to wrap your head around things like ‘the shark was chased down?’ or ‘false killer whale?’. You have probably never heard of a False Killer Whale because they are rare and have hardly been researched. They share some similar characteristics of the commonly known black and white Killer Whale, but come in a grayish color that encompasses their entire body. Think of a pod of larger more aggressive dolphins with an appetite for sharks.


Not only is seeing video footage of False Killer Whales rare, seeing a predatory shark chased down by whales eventually becoming food is even more rare. National Geographic, eat your heart out! The drone hobbyist couldn’t believe the footage he was capturing at first yet decided to go with it and are they glad they did. Researchers and enthusiasts alike are ecstatic to be able to watch rare footage like this and we’re sure you’ll be too.




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