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4 Common Shark Myths

1. All Sharks Are Big with Lots of Teeth – There are more than 400 Shark species and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the tiniest sharks is the 8-inch deep water dog fish. The largest – the gigantic 40-foot long whale shark. Not all sharks have razer sharp teeth either. The basking shark has small teeth they do not use for feeding, the whale shark are filter feeders and do not use any of their tiny teeth for eating.


2. Sharks ARE Man-Eaters –  Movies like ‘Jaws” gave sharks a bad rap. Humans are not shark food. When humans are bit my sharks it is usually because they are hunting for prey that is similar in size to humans and they are merely “testing” to see what you are.  Many sharks are filter feeders or bottom-dwelling suction feeders.


3. Sharks Are Not Important – Sharks play an integral part of the ocean’s eco-system. Many species sit atop the food chain and help keep other marine populations in check. Without sharks the delicate balance of life in the ocean is put in peril.


4. Nothing Can Hurt Sharks – While sharks may be apex predators they still face many dangers in the ocean. Humans being their number one enemy. Sharks are often hunted for their fins or accidentally caught in fishing nets. Their declining populations are a worry for many marine biologists.

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