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Couple Discovers Megalodon Shark Tooth


A vacationing couple in North Myrtle Beach discovered a rare find after Hurricane Matthew unearthed a prehistoric shark tooth along the ocean shore.

Nat Campbell and his wife had only been at the beach about 15 minutes when Nat looked down and noticed a large tooth a few feet away.  “My wife though it was a rock. And I reached over and picked it up and I saw the serrated edges so I knew then that it was a big shark’s tooth, but I had no idea it was a Megalodon,” Campbell said.

The couple brought the tooth to Ripley’s Aquarium and spoke with aquarist Brady Stoever. After examination he determined this was no regular shark tooth. The tooth was actually millions of years old and most likely came from the world’s largest shark, the Megalodon.


The Megalodon lived millions of years ago and could grow up to 60 feet, compared to a Great Whit that grows no more than 20 feet.

Campbell says he is keeping the tooth: “My wife is talking about getting a shadow box and put it in it and just keeping it… it is a great conversation piece.”



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