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FAQ’s for Shark Cage Diving

Where do I need to go for North Shore Shark Adventures?

We are located in beautiful Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii. Specifically in Haleiwa Boat Harbor in Waialua Bay. Look for the “Shark Shack” in the parking lot! This is just off the Kamehameha Hwy on the North Shore. Check this link for more specific information or it will help to Google Map the following address:

Haleiwa Boat Harbor
66-105 Haleiwa Rd.
Haleiwa, HI 96712

You can also call (808) 228-5900 for directions

Can you pick us up for shark cage diving?

Weather you’re in Waikiki, Kahala, or just getting off a cruise ship, we can pick you up! Give us a call at (808) 228-5900. Use this link for more information

What are your shark cage diving operating hours?

We are open from 6:30am – 6:30pm everyday except for Christmas Day! So come on by! Hint: better to book morning tours as the waters are usually more clear to see sharks and the weather is usually calmer.

When should we check in for our shark cage diving tour?

We prefer that you check in 30 minutes before your tour at the Shark Shack. The Shark Shack is located near our shark boat in the parking lot of Haleiwa Boat Harbor.

How old do you have to be to get in the shark cage?

ALL ages are welcome! Ages 2 and under are free. Ages 3-13 are at a discounted rate. If there are any concerns, please give us a call at the number above. This link has more specific information!

What are the shark cage diving tour logistics?

Your tour will last approximately 2 hours from check-in to end. We head out to sea about 3 miles to where the shark diving cage is placed. Each tour will have around 3 groups that will be in the shark diving cage for 20 minutes each.

How safe are the shark cage diving tours?

Safety is our first concern. We begin each tour with an informative safety briefing followed by a brief history of our shark tour. Here’s where you’ll understand how were able to guaranty shark sightings.

What should I bring for the shark tour?

We provide masks, snorkels, and cold drinking water. We encourage you to bring towels, swimwear, change of clothes, a hat, sunglasses, eco-friendly suntan lotion, backpack, snacks, still and video camera, and your own mask and snorkel if you want to. You may want to consider taking sea-sick prevention measures. We have available to purchase underwater cameras and a video service shot in 1080p. You’ll be able to get the best shots of Hawaiian sharks possible.

What might the weather be like?

In Hawaii for majority of the year, the winds are at its calmest at the beginning of the day and gently progresses throughout. To take advantage of the calmer morning conditions, we operate our morning tours first before opening later tours. If you’re only able to make an afternoon appointment, please call or email us for recommendations. We’ll see sharks no matter what time of day, or you don’t pay.

How big are the sharks?

The sharks we see range in size from five to fifteen feet, and they are often inches away from the cage and the spectators inside.

What is the visibility and shark diving cage like?

The visibility is so good (often 150 feet or more) that you can actually see the sharks come up from the deep.
Our cage can hold up to 8 people so it is easy for large families to experience their shark dive together. No chumming is necessary as the sharks are attracted to the sound of our motors, which they interpret as a crabbing vessel and a potential food source.

Is there shaved ice?

Haha! Not a frequently asked question, but yes we do! This is a perfect treat for after your tour. Please inquire at the shark shack.

How does North Shore Shark Adventures handle cancellations and refunds?

You must notify us directly by phone or email if you need to make changes to or cancel a tour. We have a 24 hour cancellation / change policy (72 hours for groups of 10 or more) based on your tour start time and not calendar day. You will be charged in full per person for cancellations or changes made within 24 hours (72 hours for groups of 10 or more) of your tour start time or if you do not show up. We offer a full refund for cancellations or changes made 24 hours (72 hours for groups of 10 or more) or more in advance of your tour start time. On occasion, we must cancel or change tours. If this occurs, our responsibility is limited to a refund of any tour fees you’ve already paid to us. North Shore Shark Adventures is not responsible for airline tickets or fees, car rental costs, third-party transportation fees, taxi fares, and/or other fees or penalties that you may incur as a result of any tour cancellation or change.