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Motion Sickness during your Shark Tour?

Dramamine is Perfect for the Shark Cage Boat Tour

A lot of us have felt this nasty feeling one time or another! Man is sucks! Some have felt it while reading something in a car. Some have felt it after riding one roller coaster too many. Then there are those who have felt it out to sea on a boat. There’s no good time to get this sickness and it happens right when you don’t want it to happen. Well, unfortunately we have seen many people throughout the years here at North Shore Shark Adventures get this unlovely sickness on the way to or from the shark diving cage. A common thing we hear is that the people that get this say they didn’t realize they were susceptible to it. Our recommendation is that, if you haven’t been on a boat out to sea very often or ever please take or bring a certain little motion sickness medicine called Dramamine. You will not regret it! This is a 3 mile boat trip out to the shark diving cage and a 3 mile boat trip back. A total of 6 miles which means a lot of waves to head over. Lots of ups and downs. There is nothing worse than watching your friends have a blast in the shark diving cage while you feel like the world is ending.

Drinking Water for your Shark Cage Diving Tour

Also, bring plenty of drinking water. We’ll have some on the boat, but being able to have as much as you need available at any time is key to helping thwart motion sickness. Plus you don’t realize how many calories you’re burning while snorkeling in the shark diving cage. Being submersed in salt water and getting a work out while having fun definitely depletes your hydration. And we all know what happens when you get dehydrated. Headaches and nausea. Very similar symptoms to motion sickness. This could equal double the motion sickness on the 3 mile trip back to Haleiwa Boat Harbor. Prepare yourself! The bottom line, better safe than sorry!