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Hawaii’s Best Family Friendly Beaches

Hawaii is an amazing family vacation spot! Here are some of the best and safest kid-friendly beaches!


  1. Waikiki Beach- Waikiki Beach is a great family friendly beach. The water is relatively calm and easy for young swimmers to play in. The sand is soft with only a few small pebbles to watch out for. This is also a great location to rent all the toys your kids will love. Paddleboards, Water bikes, and cheap boogie boards are easily accessible at nearby booths. The water does not have a strong under tow but always keep an eye on children in the water. When the sun gets too hot you can find lots of snow cone stands and local restaurants nearby. This beach is often crowded but it’s great for people watching!


  1. Hanauma Bay Beach – This is a beautiful place to snorkel with a gorgeous beach that wraps along the water. You will see coral, colorful fish and if you are lucky you might even spot some green sea turtles in the clear blue water. This beach has clean bathrooms and a snack bar if you get hungry. This beach does get extremely busy so arrive early to make sure you can get in. (This beach has an entrance that closes after a certain number of people come in)


  1. Lanikai Beach – This beach might be most famous due to one of its most well-known visitors, President Obama! It has beautiful white sands and turquoise water. It runs along a residential area so park on the road and find a beach access location. Bathrooms are not easily accessible; neither are food stands. Pack a picnic and plan your visit accordingly!


  1. Bellows Beach – This beach is open to the public on weekends. It has breathtaking white sand and turquoise water. The current can be strong here so avoid this area if you aren’t a strong swimmer. Otherwise it is a perfect spot to spread out, enjoy the sand, and relax in paradise.


  1. Kailua Beach- This is a great beach for water sports, bordering shade, and is often packed with families enjoying the calm water and soft sand. People love kayaking, windsurfing, and surfing in the mild waves. The water is easy for children to play in. Nearby you can find restaurants, snow cone stands, and a variety of shops!
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