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History of Hawaii’s North Shore

Historian’s believe the North Shore of Hawaii has been inhabited by Native Hawaiians since the 12th Century. For many years Hawaiian’s used the fertile land to grow taro and sweet potato and to fish from the bountiful sea.


During the 19th Century the sleepy seaside village began to grow into an Oahu landmark. In 1898, visionary businessman Benjamin Dillingham, a promoter of real estate and railways, opened Hawai’i’s finest hotel in 1899. It was a grand Victorian hotel he named the “Hale’iwa”. It is believed to be one of the first destination resorts in Hawaii. A weekend excursion to the hotel, including a trip to the area’s pineapple plantation cost around 10 dollars. Tourism and agriculture helped grow the city to what it is today.

Today, the North Shore boasts a population of about 16,000. Resident’s love the charm and history of the city as well as it’s still somewhat remote location. The location is also perfect for “big waves” and the North Shore has become a legendary location for surfing!

A visit to the North Shore today is full of surfing, great restaurants, historic buildings and landmarks, shopping and scenic views for you and your family to enjoy!







Haleiwa Harbor
66-105 Haleiwa Rd
Haleiwa, HI 96712

Call 808.228.5900

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