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Excited to be face to face with wild sharks? Well, here’s some info to make the entire trip go smoothly for the boat crew and you.

  • Get there 15-30 minutes early for check-in at the Shark Shack. (See below for directions)
  • Bring sunscreen. Eco-friendly preferred.
  • Use the bathroom facility beforehand located near the boat area as the tour will last about 2 hours. (Ask for location at check-in)
  • If you’re aware that you get motion sickness, prepare accordingly. It’s a long ride out to the cages and the water can get a little choppy.
  • All shoes have to be removed before entry onto the boat and are usually put in a shared basket.
  • The Shark Shack also provides beverages and shaved ice. Excellent for after the trip!
  • While in the cage they stress, “DO NOT REACH OUT AND TOUCH THE SHARKS”! These animals are quicker than you are.
  • Masks, snorkels, and cold drinking water are provided. Bring towels, swimwear, snacks, backpack, any sun protection, cameras. Underwater cameras and footage are available for purchase.



Say Aloha: (808) 228-5900

Google Map

You can also use the following links for helpful information: Hawaii Shark Tours, Book Shark ToursDirections (Directions from Waikiki, Turtle Bay, Honolulu, East Oahu, & West Oahu).

The map below is from Google Maps. Several businesses share the Haleiwa Boat Harbor and where the businesses have been labeled on the map are a bit misleading, so I’ll help decipher. After turning onto Haleiwa Rd from the Kamehameha Hwy, turn into the boat harbor heading towards what says “H20 Adventures Hawaii”. Just to the left of that you’ll see a little hut known as the Shark Shack. Check-in there and you can have all your questions answered there if needed. North Shore Shark Adventures prefers if you park slightly across the way in the area where it says “Watercraft Connection” and “North Shore Shark Adventures”. Then have you walk back towards the Shack where the actual boat is. The parking where you first turn in is limited and they don’t want anybody getting towed or ticketed.