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Hawaii is a laid-back destination for beach relaxation, the ocean, and sunny weather. With all tourist destinations there can be an underlying danger. Here are some tips to enjoy your epic Hawaiian vacation while staying safe!

Waikiki is a popular world destination. It is unlike the rest of Hawaii. The locals compare it to places like “Disney Land” or any other touristy area and all of us know what can happen in crowded touristy areas. That’s right. Pickpocketing. Just be weary of your belongings when shopping or dining out. Especially to the ladies who sit their purses on empty chairs or stools for easy access from would be criminals. Keep your belongings in your lap or near your person at all times.

If you plan on cruising around the islands to less populated areas make sure you are smart about what’s in your rental car. Criminals target them and won’t hesitate to break a window if they see something they want inside. Unless something public is going on, avoid deserted areas and city parks once the sun goes down.

Hotels and resorts are generally open to the public. When you head out with the car, park it in a well-lit area like under a street light. Store your documents, like car rental agreements with your personal information on it in the hotel safe. If you’re the victim of theft, report it immediately to the local police department.


Heading to the beach for a fun-filled day in the sun? Hawaii is the place to do it. What you have to be worried about is leaving valuables unattended while everyone is in the water. Unfortunately, beach theft is common here. Best way to thwart it is by having someone stay back while everyone else is swimming or, even better, camp out where all your stuff is in plain view from the water.

Overall, Hawaii is a safe place to visit, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. At North Shore Shark Adventures, safety is our number one priority. BOOK A TOUR:Shark Adventure Tours!

Spend a safe day with us learning about and shark snorkeling with sharks in the shark diving cage.

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