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Motion Sickness during your Shark Tour?

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Dramamine is Perfect for the Shark Cage Boat Tour A lot of us have felt this nasty feeling one time or another! Man is sucks! Some have felt it while reading something in a car. Some have felt it after riding one roller coaster too many. Then there are those who have felt it out…

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Surfing Competitions on Oahu’s North Shore

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Vans Triple Crown of Surfing October 28th – December 20th The competitions of the Vans Triple Crown: -HIC Pro (Sunset Beach) October 28th – November 10th -Hawaiian Pro (Haleiwa Beach) November 12th – 23rd -Vans World Cup of Surfing (Sunset Beach) November 24th – December 6th -Billabong Pipe Masters (Bonsai Pipeline) December 8th – 20th…

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Solo Vacation to Oahu

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Are you the adventurous type taking a trip to Oahu, Hawaii by yourself? Congrats! You get to do what you want, when you want! Obviously it’s fun to share experiences with friend and/or family, but things can get slowed down or you might end up missing something epic because others didn’t want to do it…

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Top 10 Beaches on Oahu

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Oahu, the most visited island in Hawaii Tourists flowing in to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial, the famous North Shore Pipeline known as the “Banzai Pipeline”, and the world renown area of Waikiki. Oahu is full of beautiful tourist destinations and extraordinarily magificent beaches. There are nice beaches on the mainland, but there aren’t scenic…

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