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It’s a Shark Party!

Remember that article we posted a few weeks back about tracking sharks? If not – you can check it out here https://sharktourshawaii.com/track-sharks-real-time/!


Well eleven of those sharks tagged by Ocearch.org have surfaced off the East coast the past few days, sending their location information via satellite to the organization that tracks them. A couple pinged Wednesday morning just after being tagged in a recent project off Hilton Head, S.C.

Among the new members of the tagged crew is Hilton, a 12-foot, 5-inch, 1,326-pound great white that continues to hang around off the coast of Myrtle Beach. Two others tagged this month are Weimar, a 9-4, 304-pound tigerthat is digging the waters off Jacksonville, Fla., and Beaufort, a 5-7, 107-pound juvenile tiger pinging northeast of Morehead City, N.C.

Splashed throughout the region are Savannah, Grey Lady, George, Cisco and Oscar. A couple of great white youngsters tagged last year – 5-3 and 73-pound Manhattan and 5-3, 74-pound Gratitude – appear to be hanging close to each other east of Salvo on Hatteras Island.

But the question on shark-watchers’ minds is: “Where is Mary Lee?”

Ocearch’s celebrity great white – the one that was 16 feet long and 3,500 pounds when tagged in 2012 – is keeping an eye on her peers from a location off Savannah, Ga., where she pinged on March 19.


As these sharks start to work their way north as waters warm, the party scene will focus on the mid-Atlantic.


Invitations will be mailed out shortly.


Check out the full article here! http://pilotonline.com/news/local/environment/there-s-a-shark-party-in-the-atlantic-ocean-according/article_9457d7ad-474f-5b02-8b16-ab4fd40b8e21.html


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