Anatomy of a Shark!

Skeleton: Sharks belong to a family of fish known as Elasmobranchii, a subclass of Chondrichthyes, or in simple terms, cartilaginous fish. Chondrichthyes have skeletons made up of cartilage rather than bone, and lack a swim bladder. This particular class of fish contains over 600 species, including sharks, rays and skates. Cartilage is lighter, more durable…

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Surprise Your Friends with These Amazing Shark Facts! – Galapagos Sharks

Sharks are an important part of Hawaii’s eco-system. Hawaii has approximately 40 different shark species that call its waters home.  These include some of the sharks you see on our tour – such as Galapagos Sharks, Sand Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Whale shark, Grey Reef shark and more. Read More »

Barracuda Fish

The barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance. Its body is long, fairly compressed and covered with small smooth scales. Some species may reach up to 1.8 m long and 30 cm wide. The barracuda is a saltwater fish of the genus Sphyraena, genus Sphyraenidae only in the family and is found in tropical and subtropical…

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8 Awesome Activities to Try During your Hawaii Visit!  

  01. North Shore Shark Adventures Shark Tour – Our adventure begins as we depart Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor and travel 3 miles out to sea. On the way we’ll see a breathtaking view of the north shore coastline, spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, flying fish, and in the winter months, the famous Alaskan humpback…

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Hawaii’s Beautiful Birds!

Hawaii is full of beautiful wildlife throughout the islands. Check out this fun list of some of Hawaii’s tropical birds!     Hawaii Creeper – The Hawaiian Creeper comes from the Big Island. The Hawaiian Creeper’s feathers are olive green and this funny bird has the ability to climb trees! It has a short sharp…

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11 Awesome Facts about the Pacific Ocean!

Five hundred years ago a Spanish Explorer named Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first to see the Pacific Ocean from the West of America. Here are ten awesome facts about the Pacific Ocean!     The Pacific Ocean is located between Americas to the East of the Pacific Ocean basin and the Asian and…

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The Shark and The Remora Fish – A Unique Relationship!

Relationship form all over the animal kingdom. Sometimes these relationships grow between the most unlikely of pairs! In the animal world, if the relationship benefits both species it is known as a symbiotic relationship. One example of symbiosis is the relationship between sharks and remora fish.   The remora is a small fish that usually…

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The Importance of our Oceans

Oceans are the world’s most valuable resource. They cover over three-quarters of our planet and hold 97% of the world’s water! Oceans produce more than half of the oxygen in the world’s atmosphere and absorb the most carbon from it. Besides providing the air we breathe and water we drink — oceans also transport important…

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In South Africa, as in many other countries worldwide, the conservation of all our shark species has become a matter of utmost importance. Without the intervention of conservationists, numbers will continue to dwindle, eventually leading to extinction. The plundering of a once abundant wilderness, with little understanding or consideration of the possible consequences, combined with…

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4 Shark Myths Debunked!

1. Sharks Eat Humans: FALSE. While sharks may sometimes attack humans, sharks don’t seek out humans for food. When an attack does occur, it’s most likely that the territorially-minded shark has mistaken the human for its actual prey (a seal, for example). In fact, most of the time, shark bites are actually “exploratory bites” in…

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