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Couple Discovers Megalodon Shark Tooth


A vacationing couple in North Myrtle Beach discovered a rare find after Hurricane Matthew unearthed a prehistoric shark tooth along the ocean shore. Nat Campbell and his wife had only been at the beach about 15 minutes when Nat looked down and noticed a large tooth a few feet away.  “My wife though it was…

A day at North Shore Shark Adventure – Shark Cage Diving Hawaii


White sands, blue waters and swaying palm trees. It’s easy to imagine lazily lounging on one of Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches; waves lulling you into a warm afternoon nap. A perfect way to relax and enjoy a day at the beach! But as you stir from your slumber you look out into the warm waters and…

10 Ways You Can Save Our Oceans! NSSA


1. Pick up garbage, litter and plastic near beaches Much of the plastic found in our oceans began on the beaches. Pick up litter when you see it and make sure you properly dispose of your garbage after a day at the beach!   2. Buy ocean-friendly products Avoid products produced through unsustainable or environmentally…

The Importance of Sharks


Public fascination and fear of sharks has been around for years. Movies like “Jaws”, “Sharknado”, and “Deep Blue Sea” pit humans against killer sharks — chasing them through watery depths ready to chomp at any moment. But sharks are actually an integral part of the ocean’s ecosystem with very little interest in humans.  

Great White Shark vs Killer Whale: The two deadliest sea titans are now waging war on each other.

An interesting article in the Daily Mirror discusses the war raging between Great White Sharks and Orcas aka. Killer Whales. Scientists have long believed Orcas and Great Whites were at the top of the food chain. Their paths rarely seemed to cross and both were thought to be untouchable. Until recently.   During the month…